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Related post: Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 16:12:02 -0500 (EST) From: Marc Subject: Raunchy Boy (Part 3)Disclaimer:The following story nn little models deals with incest, watersports and scat. Topics which some may find immoral, disgusting and offensive yet practiced among gay men. If you have a problem dealing with russian models galleries these topics or are under the age of eighteen, STOP HERE!Raunchy Boy (Part 3) by Rim4youChapter 1"Thanks for having me over, Mr. Langley," Alan said, as he made his way through the front door."You know you're always welcome at anytime, Alan," Dad responded. "No invitation necessary. After all you're practically family.""Okay then, Uncle Josh!" Alan quirpped. "Where's Joel?""He's upstairs in his room. Why don't you grab some sodas from the fridge on your way up.""Gee, thanks!" Alan said as he sailed past Dad and made his way into the kitchen."Fuck! I'd love to get my hands on that!" Dad muttered to himself as Alan passed."Huh?" Alan said, detecting that something had been uttered."Uh ... nothing, Alan. Just thinking out loud. Tell Joel I'll be ordering the pizza in about an hour, okay?""Cool!" Alan beamed, two sodas in hand and bolting towards the staircase. "Can we have double meat on it, Uncle Josh?""Sure can, buddy! The more meat, the better!"Alan paused at the bottom of the stairs and gave Dad a quizical tinny teen models look, then shrugged his shoulders and mounted the staircae."Hey Joel!" Alan shouted. "Pizza in stephanie preeteen model about an hour!"Chapter 2"Hey Alan!" I hollered."Hi Joel! So what's up?"I looked at Alan and shot him a sheepish grin."Ah man! You're still wierded out, huh?" Alan remarked, model litll nude as he plopped down on my bed and handed me acas model explained a soda."Well ... uh ... it's just that I've ...""Done something?""Well ... sorta.""What do you young vieo model mean, ebony pussy model Joel? You either did or you haven't. From the way you were acting at school, my guess is texas teen model that you were fucking around in the bathroom again!""Well ...""Well what? You know I can read you like a book. Spill it, Joel."Alan was right. We had practically grown up together. In models rusian fact, we were more like nude bike model brothers having known and been around one another since we were four-years-old and shared the same birthday together.I looked at my best friend with his tousled youn nn models brown hair and piercing baby blue eyes and had to admit that we even resembled each other in features and build. We were both fourteen-years-old and as always, as puberty had kicked into high gear, sexy assian models horny.I guess that is why, when we started exploring our sexual feelings, it only came as natural to have mutual jack off sessions together coupled with sucking one another's cock. sweet teeny models It summer model torrent never entered my mind that I or Alan might be gay. At the time it just felt like to buddies just doing what came natural."So?" Alan asked."So what?" I responded."You gonna tell me or are ya gonna sit there looking at me like a spaced out zombie?""I'm sorry, Alan.""Sorry? For what? Come on, Joel, tell me! Jeez! Whatever it is it must have been real good young model forfun to get ya all wierded and spaced out!"I felt cornered in a way. How was I going to tell Alan what I brown teen models was feeling and not have him bolt from my room screaming and hollering at what a freak I was? I knew Alan wouldn't let up until I cam up with something. But what?I took a swig of my coke and slid my hand under the pillow on my bed. Grasping Alan's jockstrap I pulled it out and tossed it towards him."You forgot something," I said, rather awkwardly."My jock!" Alan quirpped, picking it up. "Sure toplist nonnude models is dirty, ain't it, Joel?""Uh ... yeah. I'd say so."My eyes nearly bugged out when Alan pressed the strap to his face and took a deep whiff of his jockstrap."Stinks too!" Alan remarked, removing the jockstrap from his face and looking at it. Then grinning from ear to ear he raised it towards new model rus me."Wanna sniff, Joel?"I ptreteen model top froze. ellite models Watching Alan press that nn models finder smelly strap to his face excited me. Once more my cock was straining within my jeans, throbbing wildly! Was Alan trying to break the Fetish model latex ice? Were we so close that he could read my mind?"Alan!" I gasped, feigning abhorence, and lowering my head.Alan scooted himself closer towards me, his hand still clutching the dirty, model teen portal reeking jockstrap."Ah come eussian teen model on, Joel! One whiff!""That's nasty, Alan!" I whispered, knowing that I wanted to bury my face into it child sexi models but trying to play my cards right."I dare ya, Joel. 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Its association with Coaches Randalls and Stevens, only hours before, wrung in my ears and here it was, Alan was using the same expression. I snapped my head cute tiny models back."Why'd you call me that?"What?""You called me jockboy!"Alan curled his lips back in a smile and his beautiful blue eyes met mine."Because that's what you are, Joel. Because that's what I heard and saw this afternoon!""What?" I gasped."You didn't realise it, Joel, but I followed you aztec model 39120 back to the lockeroom. I thought it kinda odd that you underwear video models weren't ready models pree childs to walk home with me right away so I watched where maxwelsl model free you were heading and I followed you.""Alan!""Chill out, Joel. It was small models vladmodels so fuckin' hot! You don't bianca model com know how hard it was for me to see my best friend, my brother, gettin' it on with two hunky men like Coach Randalls and Coach Stevens! I was fuckin' jealous!"I hung my head, a little embarassed yet excited at the same time."You're 12yo bikini model a ruanchy boy, Joel!"I did an about face. My mind was whirling that Alan had hit upon two names that had been referred to me that day."I'm a raunchy boy too, Joel!" teeny model rape Alan whispered, drawing himself up to his 13yr nude model knees upon my bed which, not too long before, Dad had assumed the same position. Only this time, Alan turned his back towards me and hooking his thumbs onto the waistband of his shorts, he nude indian supermodels slid his shorts down. Bending over he exposed to me his bubble butt.The cleft swirled with a fine growth of dark hair and staring me in the face was Alan's puckering hole. His asshole! It seemed 14yo topless model to breathe with life, Opening and closing. Winking at me. Inviting me. Tempting me. Drawing me.Glancing down at his white briefs, like his jockstrap the seat legal young models of Alan's briefs were dirty with brown streaks."I know you lil teen models want it, Joel!" Alan child model list whispered, wiggling best model newsgroups his ass at me. "It's black baby models dirty and stink like my sex model animated fuckin' jockstrap! Smell my ass, Joel! Smell my real stink!"I got off of the bed and quickly pulled my jeans off. Pouncing back upon fetishbabes model the bed army d7g model I crouched down on all fours behind barbi teen model Alan's upturned ass. I marvelled at the creamy whiteness of his skin and young fantasy models the growth of hair in his ass trench."Smell me, Joel! My ass is dirty and stink! I know you want it.""Mmmmmm!" I groaned, as I buried my face into Alan's ass. "Fucking stink! Fucking dirty!""Oh yeah!" Alan gasped, grinding his butt on my face. "Fuckin' young prteteen models smell my dirty shithole, Joel! pretten models tgp Smell my fuckin' stink, brother!"His use of the word "brother" had a nastiness and intimacy about it that I coudn't explain. I only knew nymphs model girl that it aroused me deeply as I pressed my nose more firmly against his puckering, moist, smelly hole and inhaled its stench over and over."Ya like that, Joel? Huh? Ya like the way I stink abducted bikini model like my fuckin' jockstap?""Fuck!" I moaned. "Your ass smells better than your fucking strap anyday!""Yeah? Then eat my ass, brother! I wanna feel your tongue licking my stink hole!"Groaning, I lapped, licked and sucked at his hole while he yanked on his cock."Ah man!" Alan sighed, clutching the comforter on my bed and burying his face in it. "Fuckiin' feels so good, Joel! Eat my ass! hungarian models nude Please!"I needed no encouragement as I swirled my tongue in circular motions around Alan's gaping, flaring asshole. The stink of his furry hole drove me to probe my tongue into that moist cavern and savour the strong, robust taste of Alan's asshole."Shit! Shit" Alan gasped, clutching the comforter in his clenched fists and bucking kids modeling 100 his ass tiny nude models back. "Eat! Eat motherfucker! Eat child models portal my slimey, filthy shithole, Joel!"I remembered the savage tongue lashing Coach Stevens had given my ass earlier and indian model sex I tried to imitate every swirl, every probe of my tongue in the same manner. Alan responded by squirming all the more."Yeah! Fuck!" Alan cried out, lustfully, Grinding and churning his ass onto my face. "Finger my hole, Joel! Fuckin' stick your finger up my ass!"I brought my hand up towrds my mouth and slobbered a wad of spit onto one of my fingers and rammed the wet digit up Alan's ass."Fuckin' bitch!" Alan gasped, teen funs model contracting his ass muscles asian model nikki to swallow my finger. "You motherfuckin' bitch!""Yeah fucker!" 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I could smell the stench of asshole on it. Shitty asshole. Alan's asshole. I looked at the brown clumps of pasty shit on my finger. The aroma intoxicated me. Drew me. Lured me. Slowly I asian gay model inched my filth covered finger towrads 14yo lingerie models my mouth. I closed my eyes and in one quick movement I slid my shitty bella young model finger past my lips and into brook shields model my mouth and sucked."Yeah!" Alan hissed. "Taste my fuckin' butt slop, raunchy boy!"There it videos teen models was again. That word, "raunchy boy" that sent me into a 14yo model free frenzy of slurping, sucking on my finger and smacking my lips with wild abandon."Fuckin' taste good, Joel?"My first chelda model naked gut reaction was to counter my initial instinct to gag. glamour model How did Coach Stevens handle this?I sucked in a deep breath and sexy ethnic models it hit me. That wonderful smell. That stink That foul stench sweeping up my nostrils. It was only then that I surrendered to the stink teen sex models and associated the bitter taste to the stench and it seemed to become one. Pure pleasure!Opening my eyes and staring into Alan's I young uk models saw the pleasure of my action reflected in his gaze and his smile. Like a hungry dog I sucked on my finger furiously and popped it out of my mouth clean as a whistle."More!" I gasped."Ya stories models sex want some more, fucker?""Yes!""Look at my briefs, Joel!"I looked down to see a small clump of steamy shit that had fallen from Alan's asshole. My breathing became eratic and heavy."Shit!" I gasped."Yeah, fucker! My stinkin' shit. Eat it!"I dove towards Alan's shitty briefs and inhaled the ripe stink of the turd that he had let loose."Fuck!" I gasped."Yeah! nn models links Smell that fuckin' turd, raunchy boy! kid teen model Smell it! Fuckin' eat it!"Several deep breaths later, the rancid aroma of callista model porn shit wafting into my nostrils, I sucked Alan's japanese sexy models turd top latina models into my mouth. Savouring its delectable taste, I chewed and maxwell preteem models swallowed it."Want some more?" Alan asked."Yes! Please!" I responded."Save it, Alan!"Alan and I looked in the direction of the ls model valerie deep voice that had just bellowed."Uncle Josh!""Dad!"Both foreign girl models pharses escaped mine and Alan's mouth at the same time."Pizza's arrived!" Dad said.Framing the doorway was my father. He had hiked down the black beauty model front of his shorts and was stroking his thick cock."Did you order extra meat, Uncle Josh?" Alan asked, somewhat awkwardly."Oh yeah!" Dad sighed, pointing his big cock towards the two of us. "There's plenty of meat for all of us!"******************************I welcome your comments. Write to me at
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